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Our sophisticated On-Call Physician and Clinical Staffing Application is an intelligent, web-based, scheduling solution that makes creating, organizing and maintaining schedules effortless. Today, healthcare professionals are looking to gain more control over their schedules and, more than ever, looking to have real-time access to view and instruct changes, anytime, anywhere.

PhyTech Scheduling allows clinics and hospitals to collaborate with schedules from physician groups real-time through a secure web-based platform. Whenever changes are made, email notifications are sent and alerts are promoted during login.

PhyTech Scheduling increases staff satisfaction, optimizes scheduling workflow and promotes group collaboration.


Key Features

  • Auto-distribution of calls
  • Requesting days off
  • Swap capability
  • Give-away capability
  • Accruals tracking
  • Multiple groups across multiple shifts
  • Intuitive conflict resolution
  • Secured web-based application
  • Mobile viewable