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Intuitive By Design

We are a medical software vendor providing physician-centric solutions to hospitals, clinics, and individual practices. We believe the key to a successful implementation of any solution is aligning people and processes with technology. The result is improved quality of care and performance. Technology is a key enabler for physicians and a key focus for our company. The adoption of emerging technologies is a constant endeavor to ensure responsiveness to changing health care needs.

Founded in 2003, we have evolved to address the need for more intuitive & efficient solutions in the healthcare industry. What began as a concept by physicians to drive improved productivity and quality in patient care has culminated in physician-driven solutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is not only the foundation upon which we built our strategy as a company but it is also the guiding light that drives all of our actions & decisions.

  • Deliver innovative physician driven applications, solutions and services.
  • Improve Patient Care by enabling more quality information for Physicians.
  • Maximize Patient time by improving Physician Productivity.